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A Vacation Gathering

Stanley Kuren

iUniverse, 478 pages, (paperback) $25.99, 9781491743089
(Reviewed: December, 2014)

In Stanley Kuren’s novel, a wild vacation to Florida with a group of friends irrevocably changes the lives of everyone involved for generations to come.

The story begins in irreverent style as a cast of over-the-top characters...

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Reviewer's ChoiceBramble, Infant Martian

Donald L. Kaufmann

Lulu, 632 pages, (paperback) $35.99, 9781483415253
(Reviewed: December, 2014)

This massive, messy novel is great fun. Combining graphic eroticism, lively intellectual debate and interplanetary travel, it is the saga of a tireless wanderer/wastrel called Bramble, whose theaters of operation are as prosaic as a brewery in...

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The Crooked Boundary

Ian Bradshaw

CreateSpace, 330 pages, Paperback, 9781502364432
(Reviewed: December, 2014)

Real estate issues connect the various characters in The Crooked Boundary, a novel by Australian author Ian Bradshaw. The title provides a play on words, referring to a misplaced boundary dividing two pieces of land in which the...

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Basho in America

Sander Zulauf

iUniverse, 43 pages, (paperback) $9.95, 9781491742396
(Reviewed: December, 2014)

The poems in Basho in America are a mix of traditional and neoformalist haikus written in the spirit of the famous 17th century Japanese poet, Basho. The poet addresses this fact playfully on the first page when he writes: “how...

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From a Very Young Man: An Anthology of Romantic Wits

Richard Soulliere

Trafford, 223 pages, (paperback) $24, 9781425166328
(Reviewed: December, 2014)

This collection of short stories and poems takes a fairly starry-eyed look at young love and lust. Many of the pieces are written in second person and seem directed to one unidentified woman. Author Richard Soulliere also writes in first and...

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